Many people put off going to the dentist because they are scared of the pain. Unfortunately this attitude often makes the pain of going to the dentist much more intense. By putting off treatment you tend to make your teeth worse and the work more complex than it would have been if you just went to see the dentist in the first place. Aside from trying to make sure you don’t have pain there are other things to consider when it comes to dental work and dental pain. A little bit of planning can go a long way.

Consider Your Weekend

While no one really wants to give up a weekend for dental work, think about what you have to do at work and really being comfortable. While it is not like a broken leg, it tends to affect your thinking and often you are on pain medication. This means you are not 100% there, so being at work is likely a bad idea. Try to take sick days and really allow yourself to recuperate. It is not usually a long process, but taking a day is well worth it and you will find you feel better faster.

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Allow Yourself to go Under

Part of the pain and stress of dental work comes from the sounds. It is a process that tends to make people scared and stressed out. There are a number of dentists now doing work while you sleep. This often changes the recovery time. It allows the dentist to work more quickly and to get deeper than they could if you were awake. You tend to wake up groggy and sore, but in the end the trauma is just much less. This combination is a great way to get over your dental pain more quickly and get back to your regular life.

Regular Cleanings

Skipping cleanings means more pain when you do go in. You can deny it all you want but it is true. It also means longer appointments and more time away from work. If you just take the time to go every six months you will find that you get used to your dentist and you get used to the process. This tends to limit the discomfort you experience and it helps to keep your mouth much more healthy. While it might not mean a lot at first, as you age the difference will be undeniable.

Overall dental pain is some of the worst pain in the world. It is the fact that your whole head throbs, there is no good way to get comfortable and that you feel like you can’t even eat to feel better. Because of this people put off the dentist and make things much worse for themselves. Plan ahead and you can make your dental health easier to manage while limiting your pain exposure. You will find healthy teeth are easier to maintain than you think and you will enjoy all the benefits of being on the forefront of dental hygiene.

This was a guest post written by Ron of Hawkesbury Dentist.  Check out his site for more information on dental care.

It may come as a surprise, but first electric toothbrush was designed more than 60 years ago in Switzerland by doctor Philippe-Guy Woog. First models didn’t have batteries and you had to plug them into 220V wall outlet. Kind of scary isn’t it? They were designed specifically for those with limited motoring skills – especially older people. Since then, powered toothbrushes have advanced drastically and have been clinicaly proven to be more efficient than manual devices.

Superior efficiency, plaque removal and different customized cleaning modes are just a few advantages of these electric powered devices. Most models nowadays have inbuilt rechargeable batteries and almost more functions than we have on our smartphones. That’s right, some of them even have a Bluetooth connection.

Electric toothbrushes cost from $20 and up to $170 and most of them have different features, technique and clinical studies behind them. Majority of them have inbuilt rechargeable batteries which can hold up to 3 weeks with a single charge. If you ever wanted to buy one, you had to research through hundreds of different models to find the right one. But did you really find the best one?

There are 2 companies dominating the market. Braun with their Oral B product line and Philips with their Sonicare powered toothbrushes. Both brands are on top of the world and their products are backed up with more than 500 clinical studies combined. Clinical studies have proven efficiency and superior cleaning effect of electric toothbrushes, but they haven’t determine a clear winner of these top 2 brands in the world.

What are the differences between Sonicare and Oral B toothbrushes?

First of all, there is a brushing technique. They both use their own patented technology that is proven to remove plaque up to 7 times more efficiently than manual brushing technique. Philips uses sonic technology which generates vibrating brush head movements with up to about 30000 strokes per minute. This technique drives fluids between teeth and along the gum line, resulting in cleaner teeth and optimized dental hygiene. Braun went for another technique which generates oscillating, pulsating and vibrating movements all at once, resulting in 40000 movements per minute.

What about their price?

With so many toothbrushes on the market from each of those two brands, we can’t determine a clear winner in this race. Best Oral B device is Precision Black 7000 and it only has one competition – Sonicare Diamondclean. They are the top products of each brand and their price is almost exactly the same – about $170 and so are their features. Oral B has a small advantage when it comes to brush heads. They are about 50% cheaper than brush heads from Sonicare. If you want to know more about Oral B and Sonicare differences, read this comparison.


So, which one should you choose? There is no clear answer to this question. When it comes to efficiency, price and features, Oral B and Sonicare are almost exactly equal. Some people prefer oscillating brush head movements and some of them prefer sonic technology. If you are looking for a basic cheap powered toothbrush for a start, go for Sonicare which produces better models with more features in $50 price range.

These five reasons might help to understand what causes insomnia.

 Psychological Reasons

 These are the most common reasons for insomnia. A person who found out that he has advanced colon cancer and who does not have enough money to cover his treatment will experience anxiety and stress and as a result he would experience prolonged periods of anxiety. Or if someone is battling depression after the death of her parents, she is likely to develop insomnia. Others are plagued by guilt and regret over the bad things they did and this leads to insomnia. If you feel you have insomnia because of mental problems, you should see a therapist amd look for productive ways to manage your life stress-free.

Menopausal Reasons

 Once a woman enters her late 40s and early 50s, she experiences menopause and her hormones are not as balanced as they used to be. This is another cause of insomnia and if you’re a menopausal woman who struggles with insomnia, meet with a doctor that understands insomnia and who can give you various therapies in treating it.

Long or Odd Work Hours

 Those who work well into the night or who work odd hours are at risk of developing insomnia because they do not have a regular sleep schedule. If you work these kinds of hours it is important that you try to get in as much sleep in the morning before heading to your errands. Another option is to ask you boss to give you a more stable work schedule that corresponds to your sleep schedule.



Way Too Much Caffeine in The Diet

 You may love your soft drinks and alcoholic beverages but this may be the reason why you have insomnia. You don’t want to drink caffeinated beverages close to bedtime because it will be difficult to fall asleep and you’ll be cranky and tired when you get up in the morning. Save the coffee for the mornings because it prone to cause trouble sleeping.

Certain Foods You’re Eating

 It is not only the caffeinated beverages that cause insomnia; it is also certain foods. Avoid eating chocolate an hour or thirty minutes because it has caffeine and acts as a stimulant just like coffee. Sugary foods in general are not good for insomniacs with diabetes because they cause your blood sugar to rise and you’ll find it hard to sleep. Foods high in protein should not be eaten a few hours before bedtime and spicy foods are a no-no for those struggling with insomnia.


 It is these and other reasons that some people get insomnia and if you suffer from it, you should meet with a sleep disorder specialist to get a diagnosis and to discuss treatment. Holistic medicine is the best for treating insomnia so do research into the role that lifestyle changes and natural herbs play in treating this condition. Don’t let the small things of life frustrate you but instead focus on the positive things that are happening to you. Finally, relax and get encouragement from loved ones.


Here are some things you need to consider when purchasing cellulite cream. Beware of cellulite creams that claim to get rid of cellulite because this is not true. Cellulite creams are designed to cut down on inflammation in the skin caused by the fatty deposits that cause cellulite. Watch out for cellulite creams that claim to give you firmer muscles and if a cream states that you can cut your cellulite with just one time, it is bogus. Look for creams with caffeine since they are effective in reducing effects of cellulite.

Retinol Cellulite Creams

 If you want the best over-the-counter cellulite cream, choose one that has Retinol because it makes the layers of skin healthier and plumper, leading to a better appearance despite the cellulite you have. For best results, you should put on the Retinol cellulite cream at night so that it can work overnight to improve the skin, you can get more information at-over the counter cellulite creams.

Antioxidant Rich Cellulite Creams

 Another type of cellulite cream is the antioxidant rich cream and this also has vitamins and minerals. Look for creams that have ingredients such as pomegranate extract, vitamins C and E, aloe vera, shea butter and cocoa butter. You can find these kinds of creams at drugstores, beauty supply stores and natural health stores.

Cellulite Creams Also Moisturize The Skin

One benefit of cellulite creams is that they moisturize your skin and for those with very dry skin or who suffer from eczema or another skin disorder, this is good news. If you buy cellulite cream, you will not need to buy multiple skincare products to moisturize your skin.

How To Find Discounts on Cellulite Creams

 You can get discounts on cellulite creams by looking at weekly ads at the drugstores and the beauty supply stores sometimes have discounts on these. Another thing you should do is visit online beauty stores and see if there are any discounts on the creams. Visit the manufacturers’ website and sign up to receive promo codes and coupons by email or even on your phone.

Nutrogena Cellulite Cream

 Nutrogena is a trusted skincare brand and it is no different with their cellulite cream. Nutrogena’s cellulite cream has Retinol, caffeine, seaweed extract and a host of herbs and vitamins. What makes this cream effective is these ingredients and according to some people who used it, they were satisfied with the results. This cream also restores lost collagen in the skin.


 Cellulite creams offer the help you need in reducing the appearance of cellulite but you want to research different brands of creams on the market to determine which one is the best for you. Read reviews in health magazines and you should also talk to friends who used cellulite cream and get their suggestions. Look for cellulite creams that are approved by the Federal Drug Administration and that are favored by those in the medical community. Finally, be patient while waiting for the condition to improve after using the cream.


 Get Affordable Health Insurance

 This is the best way to afford dental care without breaking the bank and going into debt. If you need dental care for yourself and your family, you should look for affordable group dental insurance and when comparing plans, read them carefully to see if those plans cover the dental procedures that you need the most. Read reviews of different dental insurance plans and get advice from friends and loved ones.

Take Better Care of Your Teeth

 Brush and floss your teeth every night before going to bed and also rinse your mouth with mouthwash to eliminate bacteria and germs from your gums and teeth. Cut down on the junk food you eat and avoid soft drinks since this is bad news for the teeth. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water, you can find out more at dentist Melbourne CBD.

Inquire About Payment Plans

 Another way to lower your dental bill is to inquire about a payment plan. While most dentists in Melbourne do not offer payment plans, there are others that do. Some of the dental payment plans are interest-free and these are the best plans to use to pay for your services. This is also a good option for those who lack dental insurance.

Check Out Dental Schools

 Generally dental schools offer more affordable dental care than private dental clinics and sometimes the dental schools may offer discounts on the services. Call the dental schools in your area and ask if they accept patients from the community. The student dentists in Melbourne work under strict supervision of established dentists so you will not have to worry about poor service.

Never Let Dental Problems Grow Worse

 Each day you let your dental problems grow worse, the more money you will pay for dental care. It is important that you visit the dentist in Melbourne as soon as you notice serious issues with your teeth. When you take care of the problem right away, your teeth are healthier and your dental bill is less expensive.

Take Advantage of Community Health Screenings

 Throughout the year local nonprofit organizations sponsor community health fairs and offer free health exams to those who cannot afford it. Among these screenings is the dental exam and if you know of any health fairs that are coming up, take time to attend them because free dental exams save you money.

Use Home Remedies

 If you are not able to visit the dentist for a period of weeks, you can use home remedies to take care of your teeth. For example, you can combine baking soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. Eating crunchy vegetables such as celery and broccoli assist with eliminating bacteria from the surface of the teeth.


 When you use these steps to lower your dental bills, you can rest easier and you will be able to get the dental care you need without the hassle. Finally, this also allows you to use your money wisely and possibly save more money for the future instead of on high medical bills.

 You should get an eye exam at least once a year and if you have chronic eye problems, you should get the exams twice or three times a year so that you will have good eye health. Most vision insurance providers offer eye exams in their plans and even if you do not have insurance, most eyewear stores have discounts on eye exams. Here is what to expect during an eye exam.

Gathering Your Medical History

 Before the eye exam, the ophtalmologist will ask you several questions about your medical history and he will want to know about your eye health in particular. If you have had glaucoma, eye surgery or contacts in the past, you should mention this to the eye doctor. If you have diabetes, the ophtalmologist needs to know this since diabetes is a cause of blindness in many people.

Reading The Eye Chart

 This is another standard procedure during eye exams and with this procedure, the ophtalmologist will place the eye chart a few inches away from the patient and on the chart there is a big E on the top with medium and small print numbers and letters near the bottom of the chart. You will be asked to read what you can understand on the chart.

Testing of Eye Alignment

 With this test, the ophtalmologist holds a harmless stick over one of your eyes and with the uncovered eye you would look straight across the room without blinking. The doctor does this to determine the shape of the pupils and to see if the eyes are aligned properly.

Test for Glaucoma

 During the glaucoma test, the doctor uses a machine to blow air into both eyes and this helps him determine if there is excess fluid in the eyes because this is what causes you to develop permanent blindness.

Dilation With Eye Drops

 If you have had a few eye exams, you know about the dilation of your eyes with eye drops but you may not know why the doctor does this. One reason why the doctor does this is because he wants to detect a certain eye disease such as cataracts or maculae degeneration. Another reason for the dilation is to find out if you have another disease that affects how your eyes function such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Finally, the doctor dilates the eyes so that he can prescribe the right lenses for glasses to patients.


 Without regular eye exams, you put yourself at risk for developing blindness or other eye-related diseases. If your eye doctor recommends certain lifestyle changes or possibly a medication to treat your illness, you want to listen and act accordingly because your vision improves as you make those changes. Do not be afraid to ask hard questions just because you fear the bad news because it is important that you know the facts so you can get treatment right away.

Eat Small Meals

 You want to eat small meals during the day because as you do this, it becomes easier for you to burn calories and you will lose weight within a month. Start with a light but satisfying breakfast and some good breakfast foods include turkey sausage, eggs, whole wheat toast with honey, fresh fruit and a glass of skim milk. For lunch you can eat chicken salad with fruit juice and for a snack you can eat a granola bar. For dinner you may decide to eat grilled shrimp with vegetables and brown rice.

Exercise Daily

 You will not lose weight in a month if you do not exercise daily. In the morning before heading to work, walk on the treadmill for thirty minutes then take the dog or the kids for a morning walk for another thirty minutes. Instead of watching sitcoms after dinner, use this time to put on aerobics DVDs or online exercise videos and do some cardio workouts. Instead of driving to work, walk there if your job is not far from home. Run around the local race track on weekends for an hour with your spouse so you can bond while burning calories.

Eat Better Foods

 Processed foods, fast food and other high calorie foods should be eliminated from your diet if you plan to lose weight in a month. When shopping for groceries, look for sales on healthier foods and buy those in bulk. These foods include fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish, lean meats such as chicken and turkey, whole grain breads, brown rice and yogurt. You can find out more tips at When you eat these foods, eat small portions so that it will be easier to burn calories and lose weight.

Get A Friend to Assist and Offer Support

 For some dieters, it becomes difficult to stay motivated during the weight loss process and if this is your situation, call a friend and request emotional support. You and your friend can exercise together during the week and the friend may also come across a few low fat recipes that you can try so that you will enjoy mealtime better.

Read Weight Loss Success Stories

 Another way to lose weight in a month is to read some books about certain people who succeeded at weight loss and who kept it off permanently. While you read, take notes on certain strategies that they used in order to lose weight and incorporate them into your daily routine.


 Weight loss is not easy to accomplish but with determination and hard work, it is possible to be slimmer in a month. You may experience setbacks but failure is not final and as long as you do not quit, you can overcome your failures. When you finally lose the weight, you will feel better about yourself and you will be more motivated to keep the weight off permanently. Finally, you should maintain a positive attitude while losing weight.


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You may have seen Internet skin care fads such as “Derm Exclusive Reviews” but as an African American woman your skin requires different methods of skincare and this may not involve the use of popular fads online. Here are some practical tips for looking after your skin as a woman of color.

Wash Face Regularly

 Acne and dark brown spots thrive on unclean skin and African American women often experience dark brown spots and scarring from acne. You should wash your face with a good facial cleanser that suits your skin type. After washing your face, you should moisturize your skin since women of color tend to have dry skin.

Wear Sunscreen

 Although African American women have extra protection from sun damage due to the pigment in their skin, some women of color mistakenly believe that they do not need sunscreen but this is not true. All women regardless of their ethnic background must wear sunscreen when going out to avoid skin cancer and hyper-pigmentation, which is something many women of color experience.

Hydrate With Water

 Another thing that African American women should do to maintain healthy skin is to drink more water because water cleanses the toxins out of your skin so that your skin will look and feel better. You can also combine plain yogurt and water and use this as a facial mask to moisturize your skin.

Use Oatmeal and Cocoa Butter

 Take a third cup of melted cocoa butter and combine it with two to three teaspoons of oats to create a natural exfoliating scrub. Cocoa butter has been proven to be a useful tool in reducing dark spots on the skin and treating blackheads and the oats are good for scrubbing off dead skin in order to reveal healthier skin.

Stay Away From Skincare Products That Dry Out Skin

 Unless you have oily skin, you should stay away from skincare products that have salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or other ingredients that dry out your skin. Purchase skincare products that have built-in moisturizer so that your skin will be healthy for years to come.

Take Off Makeup At Night

 This is important in maintaining good skin because when you leave the makeup on all night, the dirt builds up in the skin’s pores and acne develops as a result. Remove the makeup so that your skin’s pores will breathe and that you will look better the next day.

Laser Treatments

 For black women who are struggling with dark brown spots on the skin, they should talk with the dermatologist about getting a laser treatment because the laser beams will eliminate the dark spots that are on the skin.


 African American women have skin problems that are somewhat different from those of other backgrounds but there is a host of remedies that helps them overcome tough skin conditions and look and feel better about themselves. It is possible to have clearer and healthier skin.



For some time, there have been made discussions on the benefits of green coffee bean extract, and whether it has anything to do with health. These made Dr. Oz and many other experts to carry out series of studies, helping millions of people, especially Americans, to have some important questions answered. Green coffee beans are not roasted, making it possible for the Chlorogenic acid contained to be preserved.


Many Studies Carried Out

In January 2012, a 22-week study was carried out on about 17 people by the Chemistry Department and Psychology Department of University of Scranton. The results showed a significant loss of weight, percentage of body fat, and body mass index. The results of many other studies were published in “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal”, one of the most-read medical journals in the United States. The goal of the studies was to determine if green coffee bean supplements could help in treating obesity in adults.

According to the findings, supplement could help in weight loss of about 18 pounds during a period of a 40 to 45 days. The researchers said that Green Coffee Antioxidant, GCA was the chemical element responsible for the effect. Therefore, you can easily lose weight through the 100% pure green coffee bean extract. Therefore, if you have been struggling with excess weight, you should start using this new discovery. The chlorogenic acid is the key element of green coffee, as this is the acid responsible for the green color of the beans. In many scientific studies, the powerful natural antioxidant can prevent the release of glucose into your body, leading to fat burning and many anti-diabetic effects.

The Green Coffee Bean Extract as Seen on TV

Dr. Oz, one of the renowned scholars and medical practitioners strongly recommends the use of green coffee as a dietary pill after having carried out his own scientific test with the use of placebo. After the tests, the participants were able to lose about 7 pounds each. The green coffee Dr Oz supplement has more than 45% chlorogenic acid, with minimal caffeine and zero fillers, absolutely no additives, zero binders and only natural ingredients.

Anti-aging Benefits

According to the results of many other tests, the extract of green coffee has many anti-aging benefits, as the chlorogenic acid is a good antioxidant helping to destroy the free radicals the body forms through metabolism. If the free radicals are left, they make the body to show the symptoms of aging when the cell membranes are destroyed. As the free radicals are destroyed, the aging process is slowed down. Many other tests also show that green coffee extract increases the rate at which oxygen radicals are absorbed, unlike what you have when using green tea extract or grape seed.

Metabolism Booster

Through the extract, your metabolism can be boosted because the extract changes the way the body absorbs glucose. The caffeic acids are stimulants, increasing the energy levels of your body, and as the green bean is not boiled, it does not contain cafestol, the diterpene responsible for increased levels of LDL or bad cholesterol.


 To Provide Financial Support For Family

This is the best reason to buy life insurance because if you pass away without getting insurance, your family will have to struggle and get into debt just to cover funeral and burial expenses. If that is not enough, they will struggle to pay any debts you left behind as well as current expenses and funding of your child’s education in college. The wisest thing you can do financially is leave adequate financial support through your family.

Protection of Things You Own

Another reason why you need life insurance is because it keeps you from having to sell important assets in order to pay for the funeral and burial as well as debts the deceased person leaves behind. Without this insurance, you would have to possibly sell your home, car or even liquidate your savings and retirement account to pay for expenses.

You Benefit From Life Insurance Even Before Death

If you purchase whole life insurance, you can benefit from this insurance policy before you die because whole life insurance allows you to build savings associated with the policy and this is done through the payments you make each month to the insurance company. You can borrow against the policy should you need some of the insurance money for emergencies and you can access the funds before death if you experience a disability. The disadvantage is that there may be less funds available to your surviving family members after your death because you took out some of the funds prior to your death.

Adult Children Need Life Insurance

If you are an adult who is the sole caretaker of your elderly parents, you should especially get life insurance because should you pass away and your other siblings are unable to look after your parents financially, your parents will not be able to take care of themselves in the best way. When you purchase life insurance, you leave financial security for the parents you leave behind.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Helps You Obtain New Loans

When you get life insurance, you put yourself in the good graces of potential lenders because they see your life insurance as an asset and this makes them more likely to give you a car or home loan.


When you purchase life insurance, there will be less stress on you as you plan for your family’s future in the event you pass away or if a major emergency happens. Research different life insurance companies and ask plenty of questions concerning their policies, payment due dates and penalties for failing to pay insurance for a certain month. Before you sign an insurance contract, read the terms carefully and make sure you understand those terms before you buy the insurance. Avoid insurance companies that do not have the best reputation and that have not existed for ten years or more because you do not know enough about those insurance companies to do business with them.

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 Potential for Cancer Development

While this side effect is not evident in all who use HGH, several medical researchers stated that use of HGH can cause certain kinds of cancer, particularly if you use this injection in excess. If you have a history of breast cancer or another type of cancer in your family, you should not use HGH without speaking to the doctor to determine if you are physically healthy for this treatment.

Joint Problems

If you take HGH, there is a chance that you could develop joint problems as a result. This is especially the case if you have arthritis or another joint illness. Before you take HGH, you need to talk with the doctor to see if this treatment would interfere with your joints in any way. If you feel you need HGH, you should take small dosages of it.

HGH Molecule

Possibility for Diabetes and Heart Disease

If you are taking HGH, you may be at risk of getting diabetes according to a study conducted by the National Institute of Aging. This study concluded that those who took HGH had a higher case of getting diabetes. In another study from medical researchers, those who used HGH were at high risk of developing high blood pressure and heart disease.


Another side effect of using HGH is swelling although not all users of HGH experience this. Related to swelling in the arms and legs is the enlargement of breasts in men. If you are a male who has developed breasts as a result of using HGH, you should stop using the injections to avoid further swelling. If you have diabetes or another cardiovascular problem, you are especially at risk of swelling.

Reduction in Body’s Natural HGH Production

Those who use excess HGH injections are at risk of hindering the body’s natural production of HGH, which is harmful to the body. If you have been taking HGH injections but your body struggles to produce this hormone naturally, this is a problem that requires a visit to the doctor. It may also be wise to stop using the injections temporarily.  You can use HGH supplements instead which may not be as effective but still provide a solid result.

Good Side Effects

Not all side effects of HGH are negative. Some of the positive side effects of HGH include stronger muscle mass, reduction in stunted growth in children, weight loss, boost in energy and metabolism, reduction in the signs of aging and lower cholesterol levels. You want to research different medical articles and talk to those who use this hormone before deciding to use it because not everyone can take this injection for several reasons.


HGH has helped many people recover from different health conditions and it has also caused minor health problems in others. Each person will react to HGH injections differently and it is for this reason that you should research the treatment so that you will know what to expect once you get the treatment.  Finally, always take the injections in moderation and in light dosages.